In recent years Instagram stories have gained a lot of popularity. A digital marketing strategy that utilizes stories is key to the success of some brands as a result you would not need to buy Instagram followers or any other paid promotion for your brand. Using Instagram Stories correctly can increase engagement rates and reach a broader audience. In addition, the visibility of your content can be enhanced by connecting with an audience that does not already follow you and making your content visible to them.

What makes you unique? It is essential to keep people's attention, influence them, and engage them. So how do you accomplish these goals?

Creating amazing stories is vital. By utilizing Instagram Stories as a fun and engaging tool, you'll be able to connect with your followers, drive traffic, boost engagement, and establish your brand in action.

8 Applications that Work Best for Making Instagram Stories

Here are 8 apps for Instagram stories that increase your views 10 times.

  1. InShot

Are you interested in creating video stories in a new way? It is one of the best apps for creating creative, attention-grabbing, and aesthetic Instagram stories. InShot makes it easy to adjust videos to 9:16 ratios. In addition, you can adjust the size of your media by selecting the "Canvas."

Using the InShot app, you can correct the dimensions of your media, slow down the speed, or speed up your videos; you can add music from the InShot sounds library or music from your playlist. You can also add effects to your photos like glitches and pixels, making pictures more attention-grabbing as a result there will be an increase in your Instagram auto likes.

You can add stickers, GIFs, emojis, and stickers to your photo collage to make it even more engaging. This app is free, but you have to upgrade to its premium version for more settings and effects and to remove the watermark.

  1. Easil

Easil offers quick and attractive Instagram Story templates. There are three plans available with this web-based tool. An individual can start with the free basic plan. The basic plan of Easil includes only a few editing features.

Furthermore, two additional plans are available, Edge and Plus. The premium version of the Easil has many editing and design features. Its templates are suitable for any story, which is one of its best features. Its users can also choose from a variety of template types. In addition, users can drag and drop templates, making them easy to use.

You can change your Story's picture, text, and color scheme. Using these options, you can create fun and engaging stories for your Instagram to keep your audience engaged which will increase your Instagram auto likes.

The templates you want to use need to be downloaded and saved in Dropbox because Easil is a desktop tool. Simple as that.

  1. Adobe Spark

There are over 82k reviews for Adobe Spark on Apple's App Store, which explains why it boasts a 4.9-star rating. Adobe offers a wide variety of free templates, unlike other apps. Additionally, it is fully integrated into Socialbakers' Suite, which makes it easy to schedule and manage Beautiful Stories once they have been created which will help you in saving the costs of social media manager or buying Instagram followers.

Adobe's app is not only for designers but for anyone. By just tapping, you can change the editing and designs of your pictures in Adobe Spark. As well as being accessible across devices, your work will be centralized. In other words, you can continue working on your design on your mobile device if you have started it on your tablet.

Despite all these conveniences, they do come at a price - but not to worry, it's an affordable one. For just $9.99 a month, or $99.99 a year, you can use Spark. In addition, the Spark app is already part of Adobe Creative Cloud if you're a subscriber.

  1. Unfold

With Unfold, you can easily create Instagram and other social media stories using your smartphone. In addition, the Bio Sites feature makes it easy to manage all your social media accounts simultaneously and helps your followers find you wherever you post.

A collage can be created using Unfold app templates. The following features can be used to make your collage images fun and engaging to increase Instagram auto likes.

  • The text
  • A GIF
  • The textures
  • Stickers
  • The background

You can download Unfold for iOS and Android devices. Unfold app also provides you with the feed planner, which you can use to schedule your Instagram stories in case you are busy with your business.

  1. Canva

Instagram Stories can be enhanced with text overlays and other effects using Canva. Instagram Stories can be easily created with the help of this graphic design app. As a background image for Instagram Stories, the app also provides an extensive collection of stock images.

Along with these features, Canva provides text, filter, and font editing tools. In addition, the app can create and share images across multiple platforms to gain Instagram auto likes.

Regarding user-friendly graphic design, Canva is one of the best. With this app, you can create everything from business cards to book covers to Instagram stories (some are free, some are paid). In addition, this versatile template allows you to match Instagram stories to other social media posts on all platforms, ensuring consistency across your social media platforms.

  1. VSCO

With VSCO, you can edit professionally. You can use these professional-grade presets on your amateur iPhone shots, so even the amateurish shots will look professional. Additionally, the app provides sophisticated tools to manipulate light, color, texture, and perspective if presets don't appeal to you.

  1. Over

Over provides you with many themes and templates for your Instagram stories. You can utilize these templates and themes to create stories. In addition, over makes your pictures look professional by bringing Photoshop quality to them. To ensure they are up-to-date, add your brand logo, font, and color to make them branded and prevent you to buy Instagram followers.

The overlays provide text and graphics to enhance the impact of your visuals. Furthermore, they have an Instagram hashtag #bestofover. You can use it to get inspiration from other brands' posts.

Features that are included in this app include more than 10,000 free and paid template collections available (some are animated). Other perks of using this app are the built-in editing tools and filters for photos and videos. We also experience unique fonts and stickers, as well as other tools. Last but not least, Android and iOS versions are available.

  1. MOJO

Instagram Story videos can be created with Mojo, a French app. Over 100 editable templates are available, and you can choose from one of them, add your media assets (text, links, images), and share them on Instagram. There are several text styles available, more than 100. Mojo has many customizable animations you can customize according to your needs.

The fonts, colors, sizes, alignments, positions, and more can be customized. You can change the Instagram feed ratio or the feed format with Mojo pro. You can add your fonts and logo can be added to Mojo pro as a result you would not need to buy Instagram followers through paid promotion.

Conclusion: Which is the Best App to Create Instagram Stories?

Creating amazing stories is vital. By utilizing Instagram Stories as a fun and engaging tool, you'll be able to connect with your followers, drive traffic, boost engagement, and establish your brand in action. You can also use an Private Instagram Profile viewer tool to see what other's are doing. No matter who you are, whether a brand or an influencer, the apps mentioned above will help you get your message across. However, the kind of applications we have mentioned in this blog are good to start your IG stories. Which is the best one? Well, we would suggest you try all 8 applications to ensure your preference.